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Barens Incorporated

Oct 8, 2019

We are Pleased to announce that we have recently acquired Barens Incorporated based in Seneca, PA.

For the last 25 years Barens has been a leader of the pressure washer parts wholesale business in North America.

Acquiring Barens will help BE Power Equipment further strengthen our mission to deliver high quality power equipment, fast and on time to our global customers, through our dedicated and engaged team.

Barens will continue to supply the same quality products in a timely manner shipping from its locations in Seneca, PA and Fort Mahave, AZ. The Barens name and current staff will also remain unchanged. Specifically, David Hildebrand will remain as General Manager for both of Barens locations.

As a result of the strong global influence from BE Power Equipment along with the proven high-quality service that Barens is best known for we believe that Barens will continue to be the best pressure washer parts resource in our industry.

We look forward to serving you better as a result of this acquisition.

Curtis Braber